Censor Board approves OMG 2 without cuts

After undergoing review by the revising committee of the Censor Board, the Akshay Kumar film OMG 2 had been initially recommended to undergo several cuts and alterations. However, following extensive discussions between the filmmakers and the Censor Board members, the film has now been approved without any deletions. Instead, some modifications were agreed upon by both parties.

This development comes as a significant win for the filmmakers who had been engaged in a two-week-long struggle with the Censor Board. The film has ultimately obtained an Adults certification, as the committee’s requirements for a UA certificate would have necessitated substantial cuts. To maintain the film’s integrity, the makers opted for an Adults certification while still respecting the norms set by the Censor Board.

With the censor certificate secured, the film’s producers are commencing their marketing campaign. OMG2 is scheduled to release as planned on August 11.

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