Is the Bollywood movie 12th Fail a hit or a flop?

The Bollywood movie 12th Fail is being termed as a commercial success. But has the movie really recovered its budget and earned more than the investment? Is it yet another case of inflated figures in Bollywood? Is it really a hit or a flop?

The answer to this lies in some of the box-office reports trickling in. 12th Fail, which was reportedly made at a budget of 20 crores, is said to have earned around 35.90 crores net in India within its first 21 days at the box office.

This does indicate a significant return on investment, with the film yielding approximately 75% returns till now. Thus, according to the famous lifestyle website Celeb Taxi, the movie has been referred to as a ‘sleeper hit’. The positive response from audiences and the box-office earnings demonstrate the film’s success in terms of financial performance.

However, since the film is not available online yet, not many in India may have seen it.

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