New ‘Helicopter Bhel’ is winning the Internet

Thanks to social media, we get to see so many new innovative dishes each and everyday. Food bloggers travel to various spots and show us glimpses of all kinds of peculiar food items.

Another such unique dish is helicopter bhel. Take a look at the clip shared on Instagram.

In the video, we could see a street food vendor preparing piquant bhelpuri. Street food vendor can be seen doing the mixing vigorously and have a unique name called ‘Helicopter Bhel’ because of the sharp speed of the action that the vendor was performing. The clip was captioned as, “Can see the sparks already”.

The helicopter bhel clip was shared by user @Trollgramofficial, where it has already received over 3.4k likes. It also received many reactions from netizens online, who were left galvanised by the bhelpuri-vendor’s skills.

One user wrote “wow bro, this is sooooo unique”. While another netizen said, “This bhelpuri comes with steel flavour!”
Another user wrote, “This noise is so irritating!”

Bhelpuri is a salty snack famous in various regions of India. It is made of puffed rice, vegetables and a tangy tamarind sauce, and has a crunchy texture in it. Bhel is often known as ‘beach snack’, strongly associated with beaches in Mumbai, like Juhu or Chowpatty.

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